How to Reset a Bike Lock Without the Combination

The safety of your bike should be your ultimate goal. In most regions, people use the bicycle as a means of commuting, as it is easy to maneuver around them.

Assuming you have gotten to your destination and you lock your bike. The system becomes faulty; hence you cannot unlock it when you want to leave. So annoying, I believe. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to change the pattern after some time.

What do you do when this happens? The easiest way is to figure out how to unlock or reset it without the combination.

The document will discuss how to reset a bike lock without the combination. Other include the things that bring this problem. Follow through for more information.

Why should you reset your bike’s lock?

reset bike lock

There are a few things that can lead to this action. Some of the factors include the following:

Faulty system

Sometimes, the bike’s lock “forgets” the combination, becoming unable to recognize the pattern. It is a common phenomenon, especially when it does not undergo routine maintenance.

The problem does not occur regularly, but it happens to a smaller percentage of bikes. If this occurs to you, it becomes necessary to do the reset.

Many people know your secret passcode

When someone borrows your bike, and you give them the secret code, it becomes prudent to change to a new combination becomes necessary. Some of our friends are cheeky, and they may end up pinching the bike without your knowledge.

Resetting the passcode ensures that your bike is safe. It also helps ensure that you and your trusted friends and family know the secret number, enhancing the safety of the bicycle.

To change the pre-inputted numbers

When purchasing the bike and it is your first time riding it, you need to reset the lock numbers. Usually, a new bike is preset to some predictable and unique numbers such as 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4. Anyone can guess this passcode and do away with your bike.

There is a need to preset it to a preferred, unique, and hard-to-guess passcode. For the safety of your bike, avoid putting predictable or consecutive numbers as the security code. Such figures include things like your year of birth or that of the loved one.

Consecutive numbers such as 6-7-8-9 or 1-2-3-4 should also not feature.

I hope you know that the thieves know how to preset the numbers. Failing to preset it at the earliest time possible puts your bike at risk of being stolen.

To change a forgotten combination

If you do not use your bike for long, forgetting the locking pattern becomes easy. Sometimes, one might reset it to a new password and forget it unintentionally. When this happens, it is advisable to reset to get a different security code.

You can always write your passcode in your diary and keep it in a very secure place. It helps avoid losing the bike to cheeky friends and thieves.

How to reset a bike lock without the combination

Now that you know the circumstances that can lead to resetting the lock, it is time to learn how to reset it. The task is easy, and anyone can do the work. It is an essential skill for any biker. Here are the steps:

  • If your bike is new, open the lock using the original combination provided by the manufacturer. However, if you had preset it before, use that code to open it. After inputting the numbers, open by pulling the lock away from the housing.
  • You will see a dial with the words “set” inside once you open it. That is the point where you will be changing the combination. Rotate it up to 180⁰ to bring it under the set mode.
  • After getting it to the “set” mode, turn each dial to a preferred combination. Avoid using easy-to-guess numbers such as your year of birth or consecutive number. However, choose the numbers that are easy to remember to avoid forgetting the combination every time.
  • Turn the dial counter-clockwise to get it back to its original position after inputting your preferred numbers. If you will forget the security numbers, record them somewhere safe for reference whenever a need arises. The combination should be ready for use by now.
  • Confirm if the new combination you have set is working by inserting the lock cable again. Another option is to scramble the numbers and secure the lock. If the new passcode is not working, you might have to restart the process gain by following all the above steps.
  • Keep access to your new security code simple and within your reach. Save it under your phone contacts and encrypt it to avoid creepy eyes from copying and stealing your bike. Another alternative is to record it in your hand diary for ease of reference at all times.

Sometimes, you may forget your old password, and there is no other way to retrieve it. Resetting the passcode will require the following steps:

  • Apply force to pull the ends of the bike’s lock. Use both hands to separate them. The sound it produces in this process can help you determine the combinations used.
  • Twist the rings and try guessing the correct letter of every hole. Bend and pull them apart to get the letter combination. It becomes easier to identify the pattern by listening to the clicking sound from the ring. The process is not a guarantee but a trial-and-error procedure. You have to be patient until you hear the click.
  • Repeat the above step until you get the correct combination for the remaining keys. After getting the right combination, the bike will unlock automatically. The process might be long and needs a lot of patience. However, it is helpful and constructive.
  • Once you get the correct combination using the trial-and-error procedure, reset it to your preferred combination. Find the “set” mechanism, turn it to 180⁰, and set your new passcode. Follow the procedure explained in the first step above.
  • Note down your password in a notebook or diary to avoid losing it again unexpectedly. Do not share the new numbers with people you do not trust.


Resetting your bike’s passcode without the combination can be challenging, especially if you have never done it before. However, this article seeks to bridge this information gap by stating how to reset a bike lock without the combination.

The article mentions two procedures for performing the task.

As you read through it, you will see how the work is pretty simple and doable.

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