How to Choose Road Bike

Another aspect the article will tackle is how to choose a road bike. The bikes come in various sizes, brands, and features per the manufacturers’ specifications. Some operational features also differ from one brand to another.

Road bikes perform several functions that we shall see through this informative article.

For more information on this topic, follow through this article.

What is a road bike?

Before buying one, it is better to know what it is and how it looks. A road bike is a bicycle that can take you as far as you wish. It travels at high speeds on paved pathways and surfaces at a pace your legs can manage.

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What are the features of a road bike?

Since it travels fast, it possesses some characteristics that might not be available for other bikes. They include:

  • The frames, wheels, and other components are very light. They weigh less than other models.
  • Most road bikes have a curled handlebar. However, some models have flat ones like mountain bikes.
  • The wheels and tires are narrower as compared to those of other bikes.
  • It does not have both the front and rear suspension.
  • They come in men’s and women’s styles and different sizes.
  • The front fork or carbon fiber is composite.

What are some of the functions of road bikes?

Road bikes have several uses. However, some of the most notable ones include:


They move fast on paved surfaces, making them ideal for competition.


Most fitness enthusiasts prefer riding a road bike because they are for the same purpose.

Event riders

They are ideal for use during such times as performing an event.

Distant riding

They go far because they travel fast as long as your legs can move them.


The road bike can take you to beautiful sites for touring and picnics.


Though it is not common, you can add a rack to it and change to a commuting bike.

How to choose a road bike

The type of road bike

The type of road bike

There are several brands of road bikes, making it necessary to understand the various brands available. Most are unisex by design, but some are specific to gender, whether male or female.

There are two types of road bikes. They are the race and the endurance models.

Race bikes have slightly longer frames and lower handlebars. It puts the body in a forward-leaning and aerodynamic position.

On the other hand, endurance bikes are slightly taller at the front and have higher handlebars to promote an upright position when cycling. It is more comfortable even when you ride for long hours.

Endurance bikes enable you to travel long distances because your back and neck will not ache.

The race bikes are in two. They are lightweight and aero models.

Lightweight bikes have less weight. They have shallow wheels, smaller frame tubes, and a few added features to help keep the weight at a minimum.

The aero bikes focus on cutting through the wind. They have deeper wheels and section frame tubes with aerodynamic profiles.

Another category of endurance bikes is electric and similar to endurance models. They increase comfort when riding. It comes fitted with a battery and motor to assist in pedaling.

As you plan to buy a road bike, consider the nature of the ride you are planning to undertake. If it is racing, a lightweight bike will do. Aero model would also serve the purpose.

On the other hand, an endurance bike would best serve long-distance rides.

What is the best material for making road bike wheels?

An alloy or carbon fiber is the best for the wheels of a road bike. However, you can only make this selection when buying parts to assemble the bicycle.

New road bikes will come readily fitted with wheels, hence no choice on what to install. However, you can customize by installing the allow or carbon fiber tires.

The type of wheel to install will depend on its price. A pair usually costs between $150 and 200 for a low value. The high-value one fetches upwards of $3,000 to 4,000.

The high-end wheels come from carbon fiber and are long-lasting.

Aluminum wheels are budget models and are heavy.

How wide should the tires be?

The frame will dictate the maximum size of the available tire to install. When purchasing, most will come with a 25c tire. However, if you plan to go on long distances, it is advisable to install a 28c tire. It provides more comfort and less strain when riding.

A 30c to 32c tire is the best if you want to ride on a gravel road.

What accessories do I need for my road bike?

There are a few things you might need for your bike. They help improve the experience when riding. The most important one is the helmet. It helps protect you when cycling and when you hit something.

Others include swapping the existing saddle with a more comfortable one. You might also need to replace the handlebars with narrow ones and add extra bar tape for comfort.

Adding clipless pedals to affix your feet to the cleats is an ideal thing to do.

The other important thing to consider is the cycling computer. It helps record your ride data and helps to achieve your training and health targets.


Choosing a road bike is not a walk in the park. There is a lot of jargon involved in the process that might lead you to select an inappropriate bicycle. However, with this guide, we are confident that you have all the relevant data necessary for making the selection.

The inability to choose the best road bike should not make you feel out of place. However, as a beginner, you should take it as a stepping stone for future missions when buying a new bike or a different model.

Feel free to go through this article several times as you wish to understand how to choose a road bike.

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