How to Change Road Bike to Flat Bar Bike

Road bikes are as best as flat bar models. However, you might want to convert yours from a road to a flat bar. The procedure could be somewhat difficult for most riders.

There is no need to worry anymore as this article will look at how to change a road bike to a flat bar bike.

We shall look at the step-by-step procedure of converting the bike to achieve the best outcome. The article will also mention the benefits of changing and the demerits. We will have a brief closing paragraph that captures all the points in this article.

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How to change road bike to flat bar bike

Do you have plans to convert your bike from a road to a flat bar? Are you aware of the process? Do you know how to get started? There is no need to worry anymore. The document will touch on how to change the road bike to a flat bat bike.

Many people convert their bikes because of several reasons. Some do not prefer drop models because they are not comfortable.

In some instances, some prefer riding in an upright position, and it is easy to control. However, converting the hazard takes a lot of time. Moreover, others do not know if it is possible to change.

The article will touch on the steps of converting the bike with ease. There will also be additional information, like the merits and demerits of performing the task. In the end, everyone should find it easy to do the work.

The procedure

Measure the stem

Ensure you get accurate measurements because it is the key to the successful conversion of the bike. Wrong or inaccurate measurements may lead to improper fitting or total failure. A slight miscalculation may cause the whole conversion process to collapse. In some cases, it can lead to dangerous accidents.

Get a new and suitable stem clamp for the road bike before converting the handlebars. You can measure the diameter of the existing one to know if the new handlebar will fit the new stem.

Once you get the measurements, proceed and buy a new one with the same diameter.

Typically, the flat bar diameters come in four sizes, and they are 22.2mm, 25.4mm, 31.8mm, and 35mm, in that order. Any of them would be ideal for your bike.

Sometimes, however, you might buy a handlebar with a wide diameter. What would you do to make sure it fits? The easiest way is to change the stem clamp to fit the new handlebar.

Another alternative is to purchase a combo pack consisting of the handlebar and stem to avoid the complexity of taking the measurements.

Select the handlebar

There are many models and brands of handlebars in the market today. Getting the ideal one for converting the bike can be hectic.

Finding the right handlebar is key to enhanced comfort and balance while riding.

Handlebars are made from various materials. Most of them are from aluminum. However, if you care about lightweight material, buy a carbon-made handlebar.

The pricing will also differ depending on the material, but on average, it should cost somewhere between $25 and 120$.

Set up the handlebar brakes

The brakes of the old drop bar handles will not fit into the new system, hence the need to set it. They also come in two types, and that is mechanical and hydraulic.

The most common brake for many mountain bikes and hybrid models is hydraulic. Road bikes use cable or mechanical brakes at all times.

You will first need the brake levers before setting the brake. They are available in many varieties depending on the design, material, price, and shape. Before purchasing the levers, ensure they are the right ones for your bike. Another thing to consider when buying them is the quality of the product. A premium one enhances performance and the overall safety of the rider.

Buy the flat bar shifters

They are necessary when converting road bikes to flat bar model brakes. In most cases, road bikes have two to three chainrings. One will need at least shifters, one at the front derailleur and the other at the back.

The shifters should have the same number of speeds in the chainring and on the cassette. Picking the suitable shifter depends on the speed in the crankset and the cassette. They have too much so that the bike can perform optimally.

Get the handlebars and the grip

It is the last process to perform before beginning the conversion. They are vital because it affects brake control, gear shifting, and the position of the arms. An excellent grip can improve the rider’s balance and comfort while behind the wheels.

You can always choose the grips from the different types that exist. They include lock-on, flangeless, traditional, and flanged grips. Either of these can work perfectly during the conversion process.

The installation

It is the final part of the conversion process. The following steps will help in doing the task:

  • Takes some pictures of the bike while dismantling the parts, as they will help later for reference.
  • Take off the grips, bar, shifters, and brakes.
  • Make loose the stem bolts by removing the faceplate bolt, the faceplate, and the bar.
  • Remove the wire of the electronic shifting system if it exists in the internal routing. Not all bikes have this, so you should confirm with your product if it has one.
  • Route the cable with the new handlebar and thread it through the stem.
  • Clean the bike and the bar stem body, including the faceplate. That should be before installing a new bar. It is also an ideal moment to apply grease or lubricant to the faceplate and bolts.
  • Install the new handlebar.

Benefits of converting

They provide better control.

Steering the bike is easy and accurate.

Demerits of converting

Flat bars are less aerodynamic.


Changing the road bike to a flat bar model is not a complex task. It needs an understanding of the process and the steps to follow when performing the task.

Before beginning the work, ensure you have the most accurate measurements. They are key successful and safe conversion of the bike.

Always take photos of parts as you remove them, as they will serve as a reference when re-installing the new ones.

Best of luck as you embark on changing your bike from a road bike to a flat bar bike.

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