How to Change a Bike Tire

The bike tires, just like all other parts, need some replacement once in a while. After a long time of use, the tires tend to wear out. The question here is how to change the bike tire. Do you have any idea about the procedure for doing it?

Well, you do not have to feel out of place if you do not know how to change the bike tire. In this article, we shall see the procedure of doing it, the frequency of replacement, and the material necessary to perform the task.

Please read through the article to understand more about this topic.

The tools of work

Before beginning the task, there are a few items to look for. They include:

  • Tire levers.
  • A pump for inflating the new tube.
  • A wrench to loosen the nuts.

Aside from that, you also need a new tube and tire that you will replace with the old ones.

The steps

Change a Bike Tire

Place your bike in an upside-down position

Ensure the chain is facing up because you cannot remove the wheel when it is standing upright. It will tip over.

When preparing to change, ensure the drive side is facing up to avoid damage.

Another option is to buy an upright bike stand to hold it as you change the tire. The stand is available online, but you can also build one.

Tinkle with the gears

If you are removing the back tire, you will adjust the gears to the smallest ring. It is easy to remove the tire when you set the chain to the smallest ring.

It is usually on the outer gear.

Remove the release lever

Though not all bikes have the quick-release feature if yours have, open and remove it. There is a lever at the center of the bike’s bike wheel.

Pull the lever up and turn it 180⁰. Continue turning until when you can remove it. Be sure to detach the lever from the axle and put it aside.

Always refer to the user manual if you are unsure how to remove it. Alternatively, you can read through this article for more information.

Loosen the nuts

Use the wrench to loosen the nuts where applicable. Hook it to the nut and turn it to loosen, and continue turning until it comes off. Remove nuts that are on the two sides of the bike.

Some nuts are hard to remove, and you may need to apply the cooking spray or WD-40 to make the work easier. Use a 15mm wrench to loosen the nuts and subsequently remove them from the bike.

Be careful not to damage the nuts when removing them, especially when they are hard to remove. They may damage the threads and the bolts if you do not apply the softener before removing them.

Remove the brakes

The step might not be necessary because some bikes can allow for removing of the tire without the need of tampering with the brakes.

The quick-release lever removes the brakes in most instances. If your bike or MTB does not have quick-release levers, press the calipers to release the cables.

Go through the manufacturer’s manual or the website to confirm how to detach the brakes.  Instructions vary so much depending on the model and the manufacturer’s conditions.

Remove the wheel

At this point, the wheel is still attached to the frame. Pull the tire off the slots that support the bike. It might be necessary to shift the bike slightly as you remove the tire.

If removing the back tire, the chain might be on its way, and you may need to lift it off first.

Deflate the tire

To remove the tire, it is necessary to deflate it to make the process easy. Open the air valve cap and put it aside when it comes off. Release the air from the tube using the right procedure, and the tube will be easy to remove.

Pop up the edge of the tire

You can do this by hooking the rounded edge of the lever under that of the tire. It will pop up the edge of the tire and release it from the frame.

Hold the other end of the tire and pull it down to the spokes. Proceed and hook the other end onto the spoke, and it will pop out too.

Failing to hook the other end to the spoke will let the tire roll back into place and reseal.

Pull out the tube from the tire

Place your fingers inside the tube to locate the tube and grab it. Slide it out gently without damaging it. Push the air valve back through the hole in the frame.

Discard the old tube and tire if replacing them with new ones.

Insert the new tube and tire

Get the new tube and tire and prepare it for insertion. Unfold it carefully so that you do not damage it.

Add some little air to the tube to give it some shape and help avoid pinching, twisting, or bending when installing it.

It makes the installation process easy.

Inspect the tire for punctures

Some tires may have sharp objects such as thorns and nails that can harm the tube. Insert your fingers into the tube and pass through gently and carefully to find out if there are any.

Remove any sharp objects before inserting the tire.

Insert the tube inside the tire

Use your fingers to press the tube inside the tire and ensure there are no bends, kinks, or twists.

Put back the tire and inflate

Once the tube is inside, put back the tire carefully not to damage the tube inside. Inflate it to the recommended levels.

You are now ready to ride your bike.

How to change a mountain bike tire

Changing the tire of a mountain bike is pretty similar to that of any other model. All you have to do is to follow the above procedures, and you will manage to complete the task.


Changing the bike’s tire can be a daunting task, and many people or riders do not have an idea of how to do it. However, with this article, you have all you need to know about changing the tire of your bike.

The procedure is easy to follow. Best of luck as you plan to change yours.

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