How to Bunny Hop Mountain Bike

Bunny hopping is ideal when riding on bumpy roads and areas with irregular surfaces. However, it is a trick that many riders do not understand.

In this article, we shall look at how to bunny hop a mountain bike and the safety procedure to follow when riding in such circumstances.

Please read through this document on this topic.

How to bunny hop mountain bike

Accelerate the bike

Ensure you attain a steady but moderate speed before attempting to bunny hop. If you are a learner, it is advisable to try at moderate speeds to avoid accidents.

Maintain your forearms low

Ensure you hold the forearms low as you maintain a steady pace. By doing this, you gain the necessary position and control to perform the bunny hop.

If you position your arms too high, it will be impossible to generate the force to bunny hope. In addition, you may also lose your balance and fall off.

Deep your heels, bend your knees

It helps put you in a position to control the bike as you accelerate. You will also be able to adjust for bunny hopping.

Lean over the handlebars

Maintain your weight in the center with a proper balance. Leaning forward provides the momentum to do the bunny hoping.

You may fall off the bike if you do not stay in the center.

Accelerate and crouch down

Start the bike, and accelerate moderately, as you position your feet for bunny hopping.

When you attain the necessary speeds, stay in a crouching position before executing the hop. The crouching position gives you control over the bike as your ride safely.

Pull the handlebars upwards

Pull the handlebars upwards and push downwards as you grip the pedals firmly. Acceleration plus pulling up the handlebars should lift the front wheel into the air.

Avoid leaning back, so you do not push the bike down, and avoid falling off.

Push into the handlebars

After pulling up the handlebars, ease back into the crouching position. Push your weight to the handlebars as you rotate them slightly.

It will help bring back the bike to the ground.

Retract the feet upwards

Take off your feet from the pedals and point them downwards. Sweep them backward over the peddles. It will help you ready to go upwards with the bike.

Prepare for landing

Prepare for this by bending your knees before landing. The much you bend depends on your weight and height. However, you should consider bending them to 60⁰ as it absorbs the impact of landing shock.

Perform training

Bunny hoping is not a one-off event. You require a lot of training so that you can achieve perfection.


Many people do not know how to bunny hop a bike. However, with this document, it should now be easy to perform. The most critical thing to observe while performing this is observation is care and safety.

It is easier to fall off and harm yourself during such incidences.

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