How Much Should I Spend on a Bike

There are several things to consider when purchasing your first bike. However, this was a common query: “How much should I spend on a bike?”

The average cost of a bicycle should range from $100 to $3,500 and higher, depending on its quality and features. You won’t need to visit Reddit ever again because there are so many different elements that affect how much a bike costs in the USA.

This guide will help you figure out how much to invest in a bike that you can easily use on a mountain or on the road.

The Average Price of a Bike

A nice bicycle can cost a lot of money depending on the type of bicycle and its features. If you’re wondering how much to spend on a road bike, you should budget somewhere between $1200 and at least $1800.

On the other hand, the cost of a mountain bike is higher than that of a road bike. Even a trail MTB can cost anywhere from $1000 to a stunning $5000 because of the wide variety of models, brands, and materials used.

Knowing the projected range will help you budget early on, even if the cost of a good bike will still depend on the bikes offered at your neighborhood bike shop.

What You Need to Know Before Investing in a Bike

There are many possibilities on the market today if you want to purchase a brand-new bicycle that will meet your demands.

The average cost varies depending on where you live, the type of bike you use, and how much money you want to spend. You should keep a few things in mind when looking for a two-wheeler to get the most for your money.

Type of Bicycle

In various terrains and riding sports, several bicycles can be used. Before riding your bike, you must choose how and where to do it.

Will you use it for racing, curbs, off-road courses, paved roads, downhill terrain, or something else?

Bicycles with extra features, like electric bikes and folding bikes, are made differently than bikes for paved roads and off-road use.

Before investing in a bicycle, this is crucial because riding a specific model on improper terrain might cause harm and hasten wear and tear. If the bicycle is incompatible with the bike discipline, accidents may occur.


Cycling is a wonderful sport that is less taxing on the body than other physical activities like jogging. To discover if you can tolerate riding, you must nonetheless assess your physical condition.

If your pedaling power is weak, avoid buying a fat bike because they are heavier than standard bikes.

A cheap commuter bicycle can do the trick if you are on the frailer side and wish to pedal for recreation. A city bike or commuter bike typically costs between $500 and $6,000, with $6,000 being the average cost of a specialized commuter bike.


One of the key determinants of whether a cyclist can afford to buy a good bike at a reasonable price is their budget. If you don’t invest in quality, upkeep, and repairs, it will undoubtedly cost you money in the near future.

Bikes under $1,000 are typically constructed using cheap, generic parts or have old designs. Most of the time, these bikes won’t perform well, will not last long, and will be less enjoyable to ride. Worst of all, because such bikes aren’t desirable, they will be challenging, if not impossible, to resell in the future. You won’t be able to get any of the money you invested back easily.

Additionally, overspending on a bike is not a good idea unless absolutely required. Since not everyone has large pockets, being prudent with your bike purchases can allow you to spend more on other cycling-related accessories, such as clothing, etc.

Bicycle Knowledge

Some people may find the typical bicycle price quite reasonable, while others may find it to be relatively high. Before you decide how much money you can spend on your hobby, you should first figure out how good you are at riding.

For between $800 and $3,500, you may get one of several beginner-friendly bicycles, including road and mountain bikes. You might set this restriction when searching for a bike you want to ride frequently.

You can test your new skills and knowledge by buying a bicycle with more features.

Used Bicycles

Yet, you should not limit yourself to how much a new bike might cost. Finding a good deal on a used bicycle is possible at garage sales, second-hand shops, and internet marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay.

Used bikes typically feature upgraded parts and a higher price tag than brand-new models. Among private sellers, you may easily discover excellent pre-owned bicycles within the budget mentioned above. We offer a 30-day refund policy, fast and dependable shipment, a thorough examination and tune-up, and a helpful staff of representatives who are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you choose the appropriate bike, you can be sure that it will maintain its value better, have superior components and technology, and give you a strong starting point for developing in the sport.

So, How Much Should You Spend on a Bike?

Get your first bike for between $1,000 and $2,500.

For others, this may look like a substantial amount. It could seem like a drop in the bucket to some. But this is an excellent option for beginner cyclists who want to get into the sport but don’t want to spend as much as they would on a car right away.

Spending less than this is fine if you do not intend on using your bike often or just conducting short rides and putting your bike outdoors. If you aren’t sure if cycling will become your hobby or if your living circumstances don’t allow for a more expensive bike, buy the less expensive one.

The proverb “purchase cheap, buy twice” (or “buy once, cry once”) describes this situation perfectly. You can acquire a decent used bike from a recent model year for around this price, and it won’t need many upgrades. Their frames and parts are built to last for many years with minimal maintenance. In this price range, there is a wide variety of competent entry-level and mid-range bikes to choose from.

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