Best Mountain Bikes Under 700

Do you want to learn about the best mountain bikes under 700$? You are in the right place. There are an uncountable number of mountain bikes in the market today, and the manufacturers are also the same in quantity.

Choosing the best mountain bike under $700 is not easy, and one may end up with the wrong product. That should not be the case anymore as this article will work to solve all the problems you might encounter.

In the article, we shall sample some of the best bikes that sell for $700 and below. We have six products under review, with a short introduction, features and benefits, pros and cons, and why you should buy the product. We shall also have a buying guide, frequently asked questions, and a conclusion to recap the document.

Read through the article to understand these products and for easy selection whenever you want to buy one.

Top 3 Recommendation

Images Product Details Price
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 Inches
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  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 Inches
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  • Dimension : 40.8L X 26W X 27.6H
  • Weight : 46.3 lbs
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Best Mountain Bikes Under 700

1. Paselec BaFang Motor 750W Peak Electric Bike

Electric Bike with BaFang Motor 750W Peak, Full Suspension Ebike, Electric Bike for Adults, Electric Mountain Bicycle with 13Ah Battery,27.5'' E-MTB.

The bike was established in 2003 and is among the leading lithium high-quality pedal and electric bikes. Paselec has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and its products are available worldwide.

Features and Benefits

The bike has the following features and benefits.

  • A powerful motor.

The powerful motor has a waterproof and dustproof IP5 casing and provides a maximum speed of between 25 to 28mph.

It has five-power assist levels to supply sufficient power to meet the acceleration needs.

  • An intelligent power system.

It has an automotive hybrid technology for the perfect combination of physical fitness and power output. The cut-off power fast drive is also sensitive to regulating the speed when power is low.

  • A hydraulic brake disc.

It has dual piston calipers, motor inhibitors, and an adjustable four-finger lever making the brake more sensitive, responsive, and safe to ride.

  • An intelligent battery control system

The bike has a large capacity of 48V 13Ah that provide acceleration and strong climbing capabilities. It lasts up to 50 miles per single charge. The intelligent system also has 8 charging protection to provide rational power management and long battery life.


  1. Long battery life.
  2. Nine speeds for fast movements.
  3. Intelligent power control system.
  4. It has a hydraulic brake disc for speed control.
  5. Complete after-sales service.


  1. Battery deteriorates over time.
  2. A fast bike can cause accidents.

Why should you buy this product?

The bike is cheap and offers premium riding services, speed, and daily exercise.

2. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike for Youth and Adults

Schwinn High Timber YouthAdult Mountain Bike, Aluminum and Steel Frame Options, 7-21 Speeds Options, 24-29-Inch Wheels, Multiple Colors

The company has a history spanning over 1.5 centuries, with a specialization in the production of mountain bikes. The bike is ideal for use by both youth and adult populations.

Features and Benefits

  • An all-terrain bikes

It has wide tires measuring 27.5 inches with stability and a perfect grip to ride on all terrains. The bike can go uphill, down steep slopes, and on rugged surfaces with a lot of ease. The bike is lightweight to enable all these movements without stress.

  • The alloy cranks

It has an alloy crank to provide constant gear change and minimizes maintenance.

  • 21 speeds

It has one of the highest speed levels in the bike industry. The speed shifters provide precise and quick gear changes on the trail.

  • Rear and front brakes

The rear and front brakes provide speed control measures and secure stopping power. Enjoy riding your biking comfortably and with confidence in all types of terrain.


  1. It is lightweight.
  2. The 21-speed twist shifters enable the bike to move fast.
  3. The bike requires less maintenance because it comes with an alloy crank.
  4. It has wide tires with an excellent grip for all-terrain riding.
  5. Sharp and secure brakes.


  1. It is not electric or hybrid.
  2. Not suitable for use by kids.

Why should you buy this product?

The product is ideal for everyday riding and gives back value for your money.

3. Mongoose Men Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Multiple Colors

Mongoose is one of the old bike manufacturers currently. Its foundation dates back to 1974 in the US state of California. They create all types of bikes for all generations and terrains.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable threadless headset

The bike has an adjustable threadless headset to cater to riders of different heights. One product can serve all the members of your family!

  • Fast speed

It has lightweight alloy reams for increased performance and speed and to keep the weight down.

  • The steel frames

The bike has a steel frame to help conquer any terrain with a lot of ease.

  • Wide wheels

Conquer any terrain and weather with super-wide tires that offer excellent grip for exceptional performance.


  1. Wide tires provide comfort and excellent grip when riding of bike.
  2. It is ideal for use in any terrain.
  3. The threadless headset allows for adjusting the height.
  4. It comes with beach cruiser pedals for safety while driving.
  5. Lightweight.


  1. Heavy due to wide tires.
  2. Not ideal for use by youth and kids because of its size.

Why should you buy this product?

The product offers quality for your money because you do not need to invest in several bikes. Its headset is adjustable, meaning that it is fit for several people.

4. Mongoose Adult Impasse Mountain Bike 21 Speed

Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame, Twist Shifters, 21- Speed Rear Deraileur, Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Mongoose is one of the old bike manufacturers currently. Its foundation dates back to 1974 in the US state of California. They create all types of bikes for all generations and terrains.

Features and Benefits

Wide range drivetrain

Mongoose has a wide range of drivetrains, and the trigger shifter gives smooth, effortless, and steady gear changes.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

Its lightweight aluminum frame has an internal cable routing for durable rides through all terrain. It has 29-inch tires that enable it to do so.

  • Double alloy reams

It has rims with tires measuring 29 by 2.6 inches that assist in rides, making it feel like a trail bike.

  • Rear and front brake discs

It has both rear and front mechanical brake discs that provide stopping at all times and under any form of weather.

  • The front suspension

The bike has a front that shields the rider from the roughness of the terrain, making it comfortable to use at all times.


  1. It has a lightweight aluminum frame for riding in all types of terrain.
  2. The rear and front brake discs ensure that the bike stops instantly.
  3. The front suspension provides comfort when riding the bike.
  4. Double alloy reams.
  5. High-speed bike with 21 levels.


  1. Taller or shorter people cannot ride it.
  2. High speeds can lead to some accidents.

Why should you buy this product?

The product is ideal for everyday riding and gives back value for your money.

5. Vilano MTB Blackjack Mountain Bike

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike MTB with 29-Inch Wheels

They originate from Florida in the USA. The company traces its origin to three friends about a decade ago. It produces a wide range of mountain bikes and other regular models, which you can see on the road.

Features and Benefits

  • Mechanical brake discs

It has both rear and front mechanical brake discs that provide stopping at all times and under any form of weather. The brakes and are and can respond to emergency stops.

  • Double wall alloy rims

Double wall alloy reams to ensure the tire does not get damaged. It also enhances its longevity. They also provide a wide surface area for the brake discs to stop the bike instantly.

  • The suspension forks

The suspension form ensures that the rider is comfortable while using the bike, no matter the nature of the terrain.

  • The aluminum frames

The bike has an aluminum frame to help conquer any terrain with a lot of ease. They are also strong and long-lasting.


  1. The double-wall alloy rims protect the tire and provide a wide surface area for brakes.
  2. Mechanical brake discs stop the bike instantly.
  3. Aluminum frames for comfort.
  4. High-speed bike with 24 levels.
  5. Suspension forks for comfort.


  1. It does not have a rear suspension.
  2. The headset is not adjustable.

Why should you buy this product?

The product is ideal for everyday riding and gives back value for your money and offers an excellent workout.

6. Hiland Mountain Bike for Men 29 Inch

Hiland 29 Inch Mountain Bike for Men, Aluminum Frame, Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Lock-Out Suspension Fork, 16 Speeds, Hardtail Trail MTB Bicycle

The product is a full-line bike brand by Joykie. Its history dates back to 1997 when it first came into being. Their products are available in over 80 countries worldwide. They have sold over forty million bikes to date.

Features and Benefits

  • The lock suspension

The lock suspension fork can work to soak up thumps and bumps. It has a single switch flip that can deactivate the suspension to improve comfortability on pavements and other smooth roads.

  • An all-terrain bikes

It is a cross-country bike that can provide riders with a fun and durable experience on various terrains. The MTB can climb uphill easily and also go downwards without any problem.

  • Hydraulic brake discs

Its dual brakes provide a better braking effect than the V or mechanical ones. The combination helps stop the bike instantly when the need or urgency arises.

  • Light and durable

It has a firm but light aluminum frame that is durable. The bike’s 29-inch alloy wheels and alloy reams provide strength for all-terrain navigation.


  1. It is an all-terrain bike capable of going through types of roads.
  2. It comes with a dual hydraulic brake disc.
  3. It is a light and durable bike.
  4. It has a lock-out suspension.
  5. It has a high number of speed levels.


  1. The headset is not adjustable.
  2. High speeds can lead to some accidents.

Why should you buy this product?

Enjoy riding through all terrains with this bike as it is capable of all.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Mountain Bike Under 700 Dollars

Best Mountain Bike Under 700 Dollars

The section will concentrate on factors to grasp before buying the product. There are many models in the market today, but we will specialize in the best mountain bikes for under 700$.

  • The suspension

Mountain bikes have suspension that shields the rider from the roughness of the terrain. Some models have a front suspension, while some have the rear one in addition to the front.

Bikes with rear and front suspensions like the Paselec BaFang Motor 750W Peak Electric Bike with Full Suspension and Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike for Youth and Adults are some of the most comfortable to ride. It is because they protect the rider from shocks and roughness of the terrain on both tires.

When selecting a bike to buy, this is one of the things to consider, especially if the road network in your locality is not the best.

  • The levels of speed

Speed levels determine how fast or slow the bike moves. If the levels are low, the bike will consequently be slow. The opposite is true.

Models such as Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike for Youth and Adults, Mongoose Adult Impasse Mountain Bike 21 Speed, and Vilano MTB Blackjack Mountain Bike are some of the bikes with high-speed levels. They arrange from 21 to 24.

A model such as Mongoose Men Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike has only six levels. If you want a bike that moves fast and is best for physical fitness, consider buying a high-speed one. You can settle for a slow model for training needs.

  • The tire size

A larger tire offers the perfect grip for the bike, especially when riding up and down the hills. On the other hand, small ones are ideal for fast rides.

Depending on the nature of your exercise, you should choose the bike appropriately.

Mongoose Men Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike has fat tires that reduce its ability to race fast. It is ideal for commuting and workouts.

Vilano MTB Blackjack Mountain Bike has a thin tire, making it one of the best bikes for racing and competitions.

Wide tires also provide enough space for the brake discs, meaning they can stop the bike instantly.

  • The frame material

A bike can have a frame from either of the following material:



Steel frames come from some hard materials, meaning they cannot bend or break easily. It is also resistant to rust and stains.

The aluminum is not strong and can suffer from rust if the bike gets some scratches.

A bike with a steel frame is more durable than an aluminum one. You should, therefore, select your brand based on the material of choice.

However, the cost between the two models can be a limiting factor. On average, bikes with still frames tend to be costly, but not in all cases.

Bikes with steel frames are also heavier than aluminum models.

  • The nature of the terrain

While this may not directly relate to the bike itself, it impacts how you use it. Some models cannot function to the expectations and do not fit rough terrain conditions. When buying the bike, consider the nature of the roads in your place.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike for Youth and Adults is a model that can function excellently in all terrains and weather. Whether it is rainy, sunny, muddy, or dry, it is a perfect choice for commuting.

Most mountain bikes are all-season products. However, some brands have better capabilities than others. Settle for the one that can withstand the stresses of weather, no matter the cost.

  • The cost

While talking about the best mountain bikes under $700, other models are cheaper than the rest. The price is one of the determinant factors when buying a bike.

Selecting a cheaper bike may not be wise because it may lack some key features. An expensive one can be ideal but still offer what a cheap one does. Balancing between the two can be a delicate task.

Before settling on the cost as a factor, you should confirm other features like frame geometry and material, speed levels, tire size, etc. If a bike has more features, the price would be high, and the opposite is true.

  • The weight

Bikes have varying weights, but one thing is that the ones with steel frames are heavier. A heavy bike can make the rider feel exhausted within a short moment. It might not be possible to compete effectively with them.

If you want a bike with manageable weight, consider buying with an aluminum frame. Alternatively, you can choose a steel frame if the heavyweight does not give you problems.

  • The handlebars

All the mountain bikes have flat handlebars that extend from the right side to the left, across the front.  They offer one riding position – straight – with the hands on either side of the handlebar.

The mountain bike’s handlebars do not exhaust the rider because of not riding in a leaning position.

Explanations and Clarifications (E&C)

  • Is mountain biking a good workout?

Yes, it is a good workout. Different terrains present your body with an excellent workout. Riding up the hills engages your leg muscles making them active. Going downwards challenges the arm’s muscles, the abdomen, chest, shoulder, and back.

Going on the flat terrains engages all types of muscles, giving you a perfect workout and keeping the body fit. It also reduces unnecessary fats, sugars, and other harmful toxins in the body. Riding a mountain bike is an alternative to going to the gym!

  • How long should a mountain bike frame last?

It depends on the frame material and the maintenance of the bike. How you use the bike will also determine its longevity.

Bike frames do not have a specific expiry date but can last anywhere between six to forty years. Aluminum frames might not stay longer than steel ones. However, carbon and titanium models can serve the longest with proper care and maintenance.

Falling from the bike is the fastest way of damaging it. Rust is also another destroyer of the frames.

  • Is it OK to mountain bike every day?

Yes, mountain bikes are excellent for bodybuilding and physical exercises. They are an alternative to the gym.

The guidelines from the American College of Sports and Medicine recommend that adults ride the mountain bike for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly. It helps keep the body fit at all times.

The more you ride the mountain bike, the body will gain a high chance of remaining healthy at all times. Give it a try!

  • Is mountain biking good for belly fat?

Yes, a mountain bike is excellent for burning out belly fat. These fats are harmful and can cause cancer in your body if you do not eliminate them on time.

When riding the MTB, the stomach muscles do not work as hard as the glutes or quads. Cycling or riding is naturally aerobic and would only imply that you are burning the body’s fats.

Frequent or consistent riding will give the body more workout, burning and reducing belly fat.

The American College of Sports and Medicine recommends that adults ride the mountain bike for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly to reduce belly fat.


Choosing a mountain can be a challenging task. That can happen because there are millions of them in the market today. There are several things to consider when buying a bike, and we have seen most of them in this article.

In choosing the best mountain bikes under $700, numerous items come into play. Consider things such as cost, longevity, brake discs, and suspension.

The article reviews some of the best brands of mountain bikes in the market. These models are the most sought bikes worldwide. When planning to acquire one, your decision should lie within this range.

Before buying a product, you should confirm if it can withstand all terrain. Some do not have that capability, yet it is an essential ingredient. The all-terrain bikes make riding fun and enjoyable.

Finally, take care of your MTB, and it will take care of you.

Best of luck as you choose one to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What are the three benefits of mountain biking?

Mountain biking has several benefits for our bodies and the health system. Cycling improves the heartbeat rate, which is beneficial for pumping blood to all parts of the body.

The bike helps you get a glimpse and enjoy nature. As you explore your surroundings, the body gets a workout that minimizes belly fat and keeps the muscles healthy.

Another benefit of mountain biking is that it improves your body balance with the minimum negative impact from other activities like running.

Why is mountain biking so addictive?

Riding a mountain bike uphill sometimes exposes you to dangerous situations that stimulate adrenaline. The net effect is that it activates the body’s reward system. The brain floods with the euphoria of dopamine, especially when you overcome the danger.

The body activates adrenaline when it feels any form of danger. As you keep conquering these dangers, you get used to them hence the addiction.

Adrenaline makes the body feel alive in any situation and brings the urge to try a new challenge every day.

How does mountain biking change your body?

The main attribute of mountain bikes to our bodies is the workout. It keeps the muscles active and burns belly fat.

Failing to exercise our bodies can be harmful in the short run. It will develop a lot of unhealthy fats and leads to the build-up of sugar in the system.

The body develops changes when you ride in different terrains. Cycling uphill engages the leg muscle, while riding down the hill challenges the arms muscles. Others include the chest, abdomen, shoulder, and back.
Riding provides a natural body workout.

How fast do mountain bikes depreciate?

It is a natural thing for every asset to love value while in use. Mountain bikes are not an exception. On average, these machines lose almost half of their value in their first year of purchase and use.

A mountain bike costing 700$ will shed a value 350$ in its first year of purchase and use. The loss is relative and not absolute, meaning you will not see a worn-out bike but a reduced value.

Companies can depreciate their bikes at specific rates annually, like 20%. Such products will take approximately five years for their value to drop to zero.

What to do after every mountain bike ride?

There are several things to perform after riding the mountain bike. The first one is to clean it after cycling on muddy roads. Wash off all the parts, or spray down the affected areas.

Perform maintenance services in preparation for the next day’s workout. They include tightening loose bolts, greasing and oiling the parts such as the chain, and wiping off all the water.

Store the bike in a dry and secure place as you prepare to use it again when you get the opportunity.

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