Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Mountain biking is a fun and exciting outdoor activity. It is also a great way to exercise and explore the outdoors. Finding a suitable bike within your budget takes a lot of work. This should not discourage you! Finding the best mountain bikes under 300 that won’t break the bank is possible.

In this post, we will review some of the best alternatives on the market, suitable for both beginners and professional riders searching for a budget-friendly option. We have everything you need, whether a hardtail or a full-suspension bike. So, let’s get started on the search for the best mountain bike for your next off-road adventure.

6 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

1. Diamondback Cobra Youth Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Youth Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Cobra Youth Mountain Bike is a fantastic choice if your kid wants to try mountain riding. Since it has an aluminum frame and is thus relatively light, it is simple to ride and control on the paths. Knobby tires and a 21-speed Shimano gearbox provide the bike with exceptional grip over varied terrains, and the rider will have little trouble shifting gears.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The Diamondback Cobra Youth Mountain Bike is an excellent option for young riders due to its lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it simple to control and navigate on the trails.

Shimano drivetrain with 21 speeds

This feature enables rapid and smooth gear changes, which is crucial for young riders navigating various terrains and gradients.

Suspension Fork

The suspension fork helps provide a more pleasant ride and lessens tiredness for young riders by absorbing bumps and shocks.

Linear Pull Breaks

When young riders are out on the trails, these brakes help to assure their safety by delivering dependable stopping force. The linear-pull brake is simple to operate and keep up.

Pros and Cons

The Diamondback Cobra Youth Mountain Bike is a fantastic option for young riders just starting mountain biking. One of its main advantages is that this bike is simple to control and maneuver on the terrain. Additionally, shifting gears is quick and seamless. It makes the ride less exhausting. Also, it has excellent stopping power. Younger cyclists may ride the bike safely.

Although the bike is simple to put together, the instructions could be clearer. The bike’s fit has also been criticized.

Why You Should Buy This

It offers an excellent balance of value, durability, and performance and is perfect for young riders who want to explore off-road trails.

2. Mongoose Exlipse Mountain Bikes Full Dual-Suspension

Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for Kids, Featuring 15-InchSmall Steel Frame and 21-Speed Shimano Drivetrain with 24-Inch Wheels

The Mongoose Exlipse Mountain Bike for kids is a good choice for young bikers that can manage off-road adventures. It has a sturdy, durable steel frame body, perfect for long rides.

Dual Suspension

This bike’s most essential part is its dual-suspension system, which uses a front suspension fork and a rear shock absorber to dampen off-road vibrations. This helps young riders on long rides and makes riding over rough terrain more fun. Its dual-suspension system improves handling and stability, making it ideal for challenging trails.

Shimano Drivetrain 21 Speed

The gears, shifters, and derailleurs system, known as the drivetrain, enable the rider to change ratios and modify the pedaling resistance of the bicycle. The bike has a 21-speed Shimano gearbox, which offers a variety of gears and allows the user to tackle various terrains and inclines.

Knobby Tires

Large, deep lugs on these tires offer exceptional grip on various surfaces, including dirt, gravel, mud, and rocks. The tires also feature a broader profile, enhancing stability and handling on slick and irregular terrain.

Linear Pull Brakes

V-brakes often referred to as linear-pull brakes, are a form of rim brake that slows down the bike using a cable and two brake pads. These brakes offer dependable stopping force and are simple to operate and maintain.

Pros and Cons

One of the significant pros of the Mongoose Exlipse Mountain Bike is its ability to provide a smooth and comfy ride even on rough terrain. Its sturdy steel frame is built to last longer.

On the downside, this mountain bike is a bit heavy compared to others, which makes it hard for young riders to handle. It is also a bit difficult to assemble.

Why Should You Buy This

This bike can handle off-road adventures comfortably and safely. Young riders will have a great adventure even on a rough and challenging terrain.

3. Dynacraft Vertical Mountain Bike For Girls

Dynacraft Vertical Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Girls 24 Inch Wheels with 18 Speed Grip Shiter and Dual Hand Brakes in Teal and Pink

For the rider who wishes to reach new heights and take the less-traveled route, Vertical Alpine Eagle 24″ bike is the ideal pair of wheels! This rugged vehicle has a complete suspension structure designed to absorb shocks. Our stunning green, white, and pink premium paint treatment is intended to attract attention as you pass by the route.

21- Speed Index Derailleur

This bicycle has a 21-speed index derailleur with grip shifters, which means it can make any slope appear flat. Additionally, it has front and rear v-brakes, which make descending effortlessly while providing safe and secure stops.

Quick Release Seat Post

Thanks to the fast-release seat post, the rider may easily change the seat to the ideal height without using equipment. Making quick modifications or allowing many riders of varying heights to ride the same bike is made incredibly convenient by this. Convenient for young girls as they grow, as the bike can grow with them.

Padded Saddle

The padded saddle makes riding more comfortable. Soft, durable cushioning fit the rider’s shape. This function is for new bikers with poor posture. Padded saddles improve riding and bike control. Rough-terrain off-road motorcycling requires this. Well-padded saddles reduce riding vibrations. Motorcyclists of all ages need this. The Dynacraft Vertical Dual Suspension Mountain Bike for Girls’ cushioned saddle promotes comfort, control, and safety.

Full Suspension Frame

A full suspension frame absorbs bumps. This tough vehicle has a complete suspension structure designed to absorb any trail humps. This design is guaranteed to attract attention with its pink suspension coil and green and white luxury paint finish.

Pros and Cons

The bike comes in colors specifically for ladies and has a beautiful design and paint job. It is equipped with safety features and a comfortable saddle ideal for extended rides.

Assembling the bike is one of its downsides, as it is a bit difficult to set up.

Why Should You Buy This

Young girls will surely love the features added to provide comfort and safety for them. The padded saddle is one of them, which makes the riding adventures smooth and comfortable even on rough roads.

4. Mongoose Silva For Young Girls

Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike, For Women and Girls

The Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike is the finest option if you’re seeking a bike that can manage off-road excursions. This bike’s geometry is created to meet the needs of female cyclists and its lightweight, aerodynamic aluminum frame.

Front and Rear V-Brakes

Front and rear V-brakes, commonly known as linear-pull brakes, stop the Mongoose Silva Mountain bike for female riders. V-brakes slow bikes via a cable and two pads. These brakes stop reliably and are easy to operate and maintain. Dual V-brakes improve bike handling and stopping force. The front brake stops most of the car, whereas the rear brake adjusts speed and adds safety.

Lightweight Alloy Rims

Mongoose Silva mountain bikes use strong, lightweight alloy rims. The rims absorb shock better, providing smooth rides, which makes the bike perform better with lighter wheels. The Mongoose Silva Mountain bike’s light alloy rims are warp-resistant for off-road riding. Heat dissipation improves tire life, reduces flats, and improves handling, riding, and performance.

Strong Riser Handlebars

This Mongoose Silva Mountain bike feature is intended to give female riders a secure and comfortable position. A handlebar style known as a riser handlebar allows for a more upright and comfortable riding position by rising up and backward toward the rider. Additionally, this sort of handlebar is broader than a conventional handlebar, increasing stability and control.

21-Speed Shimano Drivetrain

This feature enables smooth and rapid gear changes, making it an excellent choice for traversing various terrains and inclines. The drivetrain is made by Shimano and has 21 gears.

Pros and Cons

Mongoose Silva provides a comfortable ride and less fatigue for the riders. It is very easy to handle and maneuver because of its lightweight aluminum frame. Bumps and shocks is absorb by the suspension fork giving you a comfortable ride. Changing gear is smooth and fast making it easy to deal with different terrains and gradients.

The only downside we see is that it is not easy to assemble. But this can be resolved by reading the instruction manual thoroughly.

Why Should You Buy This

Its durability is one of the reasons why you should buy this mountain bike. The money spent on buying this is not wasted since you can use it for many years.

5. Diamondback Mountain Bike Cobra 20 Youth 20″ Orange

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 20 Youth 20 Wheel Mountain Bike, Orange

Diamondback is a trusted name in the bicycle business, recognized for manufacturing durable bikes for a wide range of cyclists and uses. Road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and electric bikes are just some of the options available. Diamondback bicycles have a reputation for being long-lasting, fast, and affordable.

Steel Framed

The steel frame of the Diamondback Cobra 20 Youth Mountain Bike is durable and long-lasting. The frame is built to last and is tough enough for off-road use.

Suspension Fork

A suspension fork on the bike cushions the ride by soaking up shocks and jolts, making it more enjoyable for young riders and keeping them from becoming tired so quickly.

Knobbly Tires

The versatility of these tires’ traction makes them a fantastic choice for off-road excursions. Furthermore, the tires are built to survive the rigors of off-road driving. The tires’ knobbly construction gives them traction and the capacity to dig into the ground, allowing the rider to maintain a firm grasp on the road.

21- Speed Shimano Drivetrain

The Shimano 21-speed transmission is an excellent choice for challenging terrains and gradients since it enables fast and easy gear changes.

Pros and Cons

It has a sturdy steel frame designed to last through the years with less maintenance. Reduces tiredness for young cyclists and makes the trip more comfortable. The rider can handle a variety of terrains and grades because of its large range of gears. The bike has an eye-catching brilliant orange hue, and its modern style sets it apart from other motorcycles.

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the bike and swap out some parts for more sophisticated ones.

Why Should You Buy This

For young riders searching for a tough, cozy, and adaptable bike that can endure off-road excursions, the Diamondback Cobra 20 Youth Mountain Bike is a terrific choice.

6. Huffy Valcon 20″ for Boys Mountain Bike

Huffy Valcon 20 Mountain Bike for Boys - 6 Speed - Dual Suspension - Silver & Orange

Young riders seeking an off-road bike might consider Huffy Valcon 20″ Mountain Bike for Boys. Its strong steel frame, suspension fork, 21-speed Shimano gearbox, knobby tires, and linear-pull brakes make it ideal for diverse terrains and grades. For boys, the bike is black and blue. Huffy Valcon 20 “Mountain bikes are great for young riders who want a sturdy off-road bike.

6-Speed Shimano Derailleur

The 6-speed indexed Shimano derailleur with twist grip shifting provides smooth transitions. The detachable rear derailleur guard preserves the gears. And the front and rear steel linear pull handbrakes give reliable stopping action on demand.

Suspension Fork and Steel Frame

Kolo front suspension fork and rear spring shock reduce bumps for a smoother ride, and its limited lifetime warranty supports the sturdy hi-ten steel frame. Trailing edge tires offer a good grip in dry and rainy seasons.

Knobby Tires

These tires offer a good grip on various surfaces, making them a fantastic choice for off-road excursions. The tires are made of a sturdy material that can endure the abuse of off-road riding. The cyclist has superior control and stability because of the tires’ knobby shape, which enables them to grip the ground and dig into the surface.

Adjustable Seat and Durable Steel Rim

The bicycle has an adjustable seat post, which makes it simple to change the seat height and find the ideal fit for the user. Steel rims that endure the abuse of off-road riding are fitted to the bike.

Pros and Cons

With its sturdy steel frame design, the bike is quite durable. Its suspension fork absorbs the bumps and shocks, providing a comfortable ride. The bike has a 6-speed Shimano gearbox, which offers a variety of gears and enables the user to contend with various terrains and inclines. Changing the seat high is quite simple because of its adjustable seat post.

The only drawback we see is its weight, as it is much heavier compared to others.

Why Should You Buy this

It is ideal for young riders who wish to explore off-road terrain since it strikes a fantastic combination between affordability, toughness, and performance. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to consider the bike’s size, weight, and upgradeability possibilities.

What You Need to Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike Under $300

Mountain Bike Under $300

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a mountain bike for under $300 to ensure it meets your needs and budget. These include:

Types of Mountain Bike

It is the first thing you need to consider. Since you may not be familiar with all the varieties of mountain bikes, let’s briefly discuss each one.

Cross-Country Mountain Bike

This is the kind of bike you love if you like to go far distances quickly. Yes, the tires’ thin tread makes them the quick alternative they are. If you enjoy riding for long hours, you should purchase this type of mountain bike.

Trail Mountain Bike

This kind of bike is praised for its control and grip. It has therefore been among the most well-liked choices for mountain cyclists. The bike’s aluminum or steel frame will exhibit astounding strength and longevity.

Enduro Mountain Bike

Enduro bikes are rugged and can handle harsh terrain. They have a long-travel suspension system, generally around 150mm to 170mm. It cushions riders and absorbs heavy impacts. They have bigger tires with improved traction and stronger wheels for challenging terrain. This makes them a perfect alternative for riders who want to conduct long-distance rides or those who wish to partake in enduro races. They are also good for all-day expeditions on rugged terrain, challenging descents, and climbs.

Downhill Mountain Bike

Downhill mountain biking—the most extreme off-road cycling—involves steep, tricky descents. Long-travel suspension and proper geometry make downhill bikes sturdy and durable. Its High-speed impacts and large hits demand suspension travel of 200mm to 300mm.

Downhill mountain bikes have full suspension and strong disc brakes. Their loose geometry improves control and stability when descending at high speeds. They also have wider, grippier tires and a stronger frame than other mountain bikes.

Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike (e-Mtb) is a mountain bike with an electric motor, usually in the back wheel or center of the frame, to help the rider. They’re perfect for riders who wish to ride in places standard bikes can’t or climb steeper hills without getting tired. They also make rides more efficient and fun.

Frame Material


The bike’s overall strength and durability are determined by the material of the frame, which is a crucial factor. The most cost-effective and long-lasting alternative is often steel, but it is also the heaviest. Although aluminum frames are more costly and lighter than steel ones, they cannot last as long.



Another critical factor is the type of suspension. Full suspension bikes have suspension on both the front and back wheels, whereas hardtail bikes only have front suspension, which helps to dampen shocks and bumps on the front wheel. Full-suspension bikes are expensive and might not be offered in this price range.


Another crucial factor is the number of gears. In addition to being more adaptable and capable of handling a variety of terrains and grades, bikes with more gears may also be more expensive.


The kind of brakes is a crucial factor as well. Although disc brakes are often more powerful and dependable, they might not be offered at this price point. A less expensive option that nonetheless offers dependable stopping force is the use of V-brakes or linear-pull brakes.


The kind of tires is another crucial factor. Although knobby tires are excellent for off-road excursions, they might not be appropriate for pavement or other flat terrains.


Make sure the bike you select fits the rider properly. This will guarantee safe and enjoyable travel.

Brand and Warranty

The bike’s brand and warranty should be considered when purchasing a mountain bike. In the mountain bike sector, there are numerous well-known and reliable brands. These manufacturers are known for creating high-quality bikes that are strong, dependable, and effective. They also provide a large selection of appropriate models for various terrains and skill levels.

Most reputable brands will provide a limited warranty on their motorcycles when it comes to warranties. Usually, this warranty covers both material and workmanship flaws. Normal wear & use, misuse, or damage brought on by accidents are not covered.

How do I choose my first mountain bike?


Making your first mountain bike purchase can be a bit intimidating, but by taking the following things into account, you can choose wisely by keeping in mind the factors mentioned in this post, like the type of mountain bike, suspension, frame material, size, gears, and others.

Do you need full suspension for mountain biking?

For mountain biking, a full suspension mountain bike is not required. Your budget, personal tastes, and the type of riding you intend to perform will all play a role.

A bicycle with both the front and back wheels suspended is referred to as a complete suspension bicycle. These bikes often cost more and need more maintenance than hardtail bikes (bikes with only front-wheel suspension), but they provide more comfort and control when riding on unpaved surfaces. They are especially helpful for cyclists who want to take on more difficult terrain and for complex, steep descents.

Why is mountain biking so addictive?

Mountain biking is a demanding, rewarding, and enjoyable sport many people find addictive. It can be difficult to stop playing once you get going because of the sport’s mix of mental and physical obstacles, a sense of freedom and achievement, and social and adrenaline aspects.

Can you lose weight by mountain biking?

Many individuals seldom ever think about mountain biking as a weight loss alternative. But it has many advantages that make it a great type of exercise that may also be a great hobby.


In conclusion, mountain biking is an enjoyable and thrilling activity in which individuals of all ages and skill levels can participate. It’s crucial to take your spending limit, the riding you intend to undertake, and your own tastes into account while looking for the best mountain bike under $300.

For the novice and intermediate riders searching for a cheap off-road adventure, the Diamondback Cobra Youth, Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension, Dynacraft Vertical Dual Suspension, Mongoose Silva, and Huffy Valcon 20″ are all excellent choices. You should always test-ride a few different bikes before deciding because the best bike for you will depend on your demands and tastes. Always check your equipment, wear the proper safety gear, and be alert to your surroundings. You’ll be well on your way to a memorable off-road trip with the correct bike.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Is it better to go bigger or smaller on a mountain bike?

It’s normally preferable to choose a mountain bike that is the proper size for you rather than one that is too big or too small when it comes to size. A properly sized bike will handle better and be more pleasant to ride.
A too small bicycle will feel uncomfortable and unsteady, making it more difficult to handle. This may lead to discomfort, exhaustion, and a higher risk of mishaps.
On the other hand, a bike that is too large will be challenging to handle and tough to navigate. Additionally, it may lead to discomfort, exhaustion, and a higher risk of mishaps.

Is mountain biking harder than running?

Running is more physically taxing than mountain biking. Running is a weight-bearing exercise that you can do while riding a bike. Second, problems like muscle pulls can result from running. Mountain biking poses fewer risks.

At what age should you stop mountain biking?

Between the ages of 5 and 8, you can safely introduce your child to mountain biking. You will start to see mountain bikes in their size after the child is about 4 feet tall and able to ride a 20-inch wheel.

Is mountain biking wrecking your health?

It’s fantastic for your heart, lungs, and some of your legs and arms, but it can lead to muscular imbalances, tight IT bands, and overuse issues by strengthening some muscles but not others.

Is mountain biking good for anxiety?

Our endorphin-producing hormones are released during both exercises, such as cycling and walking. Your mind will relax, and you’ll feel happier thanks to these hormones. This improves your disposition and lessens your anxiousness. According to research, people who bike frequently have a much lower likelihood of experiencing stress.

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