Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike

Platform pedals, sometimes referred to as flat pedals, are frequently used by newcomers and commuting cyclists. Therefore, it makes sense that every road biker desires to buy the best flat pedals for road bike.

After all, these pedals represent the pinnacle of durability, adaptability, and riding simplicity. These pedals are more durable and let you ride in any shoe. Even on difficult terrain, you can turn with ease, and that is unparalleled.

Although these may sound appealing, there are some drawbacks as well. This article will examine the factors to consider before purchasing road bike flat pedals and review the top six pedals.

Top 3 Recommendation

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  • Dimension: 6.3 x 4.33 x 1.97 in
  • Material: Metal
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  • Dimension : 6 x 1 x 4 in
  • Material: Rubber
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  • Dimension : 2 x 3 x 5 in
  • Material: Composite
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What is a Flat Pedal?

Flat pedals are simple platforms without any bindings. This type of pedal has some sort of non-slip gripping pattern or dull metal pins on the top to keep your feet from sliding. It is usually made of metal or plastic. You can wear shoes, sandals, or boots when riding a bike with a flat pedal. You can also ride the bike even without any footwear on.

6 Flat Pedals for Road Bike Guide 2023

1. SHIMANO PD-M9100 Flat Bike Pedal – Best Choice

SHIMANO PD-M9100; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal; Cleat Set Included

The successor to the premium XTR pedals is the Shimano PD-M9100 off-road flat pedal. The M9100 series pedals are the go-to equipment for WC bicycle racers worldwide due to their improved drive train efficiency, intuitive and seamless interface, predictable steering, and traction control.

Impressive Power Transfer

Because of the PD-outstanding M9100’s power transfer design, more of your effort will result in faster movement. The modest platform height encourages stable pedaling.

Wide Spaced Bearings

With its widely spaced bearings, force is dispersed uniformly, increasing the rigidity of the pedal. For greater bike handling, a broader body plate provides increased shoe-to-pedal contact.

PD-Open M9100 Design

The PD-open M9100’s design and smaller axle housing remove dirt and debris for consistent contact each time you get on. You can create a unique clip in and out by modifying the binding mechanism’s tension settings. These pedals require less maintenance thanks to sealed bearings and chrome-moly spindles.

Low and Wide Platforms

It has a wider contact area between the shoe and pedal and a low-profile platform for the best stability and power transfer.

Pros and Cons

Shimano PD M9100 is lightweight, which is very efficient for everyday use. Compared to others, it is quite reliable for long-term use. The pedals are easy to adjust to improve the tension. The most common drawback of PD M9100 is that the dust seal pops out after use, which limits its durability.

Why You Should Buy This

Shimano PD M9100 offers a compact design and is quite versatile. It is durable and will surely last longer. The company also offers a 3-year warranty. Check the latest price.

2. Look Cycle Flat Pedals – Premium Pick

LOOK Cycle - Geo Trail Grip Bicycle Pedals - Flat Pedals - Reliability, Comfort and Durability - Slip-Proof Safety - Innovative Activ Grip Rubber

Look was the first company to make a clipless pedal many years ago, and it continues to make new pedals for all kinds of needs. At the end of 2020, the company developed a system with three different kinds of flat pedals. All options have big pedals and the same shape on the outside.

Impressive Trail Grip

Trail Grip gives you the best connection between your feet and pedals ever. Vibram, a company that makes outdoor gear, works with the company to make the pad. It has rubber lugs and composite crampons to give you a good grip regardless of the weather or terrain.

Colored Pads

Classic black with yellow logo matches everything and highlights Activ Grip. Lime pops on the hill like you booter or flare your back wheel while red pumps blood into your veins as you race to a climb or downhill. Crazy Camo sets all these features against the mountains and trees for the ultimate trail rider’s badge.

Vibram Activ Grip

Whatever the weather or the shoes you’re wearing, Vibram’s Activ Grip keeps you in the zone.

Activ Grip also promises long-life durability for pedals, shoes, and shins because there are no pins to snap on pebbles, shred your soles, or spike your legs.

X-Track Gravel

The X-TRACK operates well in any situation because it was designed according to SPD standards. The X- Track Gravel is unsurpassed whether riding a gravel bike on rocky routes or the most demanding MTB trails because it is simple to engage thanks to an intuitive cleat setup and has the best weight-to-contact surface ratio.

Pros and Cons

With its impressive replaceable pad, you don’t have to worry about slippage. You can use the bike, rain or shine. It has a built-in reflector so that others can see you in the dark. The only drawback we see in Look Cycle Flat Pedals is the pad’s price.

Why You Should Buy This

There is no doubt the Look Cycle Flat Pedals is one of the best flat pedals because of its great features, particularly its Vibram Activ grip. The pedal is light but durable. Check the latest price.

3. GEO Trekking Bike Pedals by Look Cycle – Best Value

LOOK Cycle - GEO Trekking Bike Pedals - Ultra-Robust Hybrid Pedals - 1 Clipless Face, 1 Flat Face - Ideal for Every Ride, Urban Riding, on Roads or Trails -...

This is the second product from Look Cycle because it combines sportiness and comfort. The GEO Trekking hybrid pedals’ two faces travel with you on your journeys. Any style of shoe in town fits well with its flat face.

SPD Compatible Side

Using the second SPD-compatible side is best when your activity turns more sporty. Your companions for your mobility needs in the city and on the trails are the GEO Trekking hybrid pedals.

Hollow Body and Light Lugs

Your best city shoes won’t be afraid to accompany you on your everyday excursions through the city, along bicycle paths, and between your place of employment and home! Your soles are respected while receiving optimal safety, stability, and comfort thanks to the hollow body and light lugs.

Easy Cleats

The pedals come with Easy Cleats, which allow for a movement that combines traction and rotation. It also makes entry and exits simpler and more natural.

Anti-Slip Grooves

Shoes are kept in place by the grooves on the pedals. Thus, this prevents slippage. The Look Geo Trekking pedals have very nice grooves. Similar pedals made by other companies include pronounced notches and tabs to keep your foot in its proper position, which may give you more confidence.

Pros and Cons

Its composite stud and rubber multi-grip system will ensure your feet will remain in place no matter what. The pedals are made of durable materials that will last longer. The pedal’s wide coverage can accommodate any shoe size with ease. Since it is threaded, maintaining them is easy. You should not wear flat-soled shoes with this pedal.

Why Should You Buy This

Look Geo Trekking pedals deliver on their promises to a respectable level. Value is where some brands struggle because they compete with much less expensive but equally capable competition.

4. SHIMANO Multi-Purpose PD-GR500 Flat Pedal

SHIMANO PD-GR500 Multi-Purpose Flat Pedal

The PD-GR500 is the solution if you’re searching for a flexible pedal for both on- and off-road riding. Concave pedals are more effective on climbs and stabler on descents because of their height-adjustable pins and concave form. Count on sealed bearings to keep dirt and moisture out for a long-lasting, low-maintenance pedal.

High-Grip Platform

Flat-soled cycling shoes can stand on a traction-enhancing base thanks to the PD-concave GR500’s shape and nine height-adjustable and replaceable pins. The open design scatters debris and reduces accumulation on the pedals in muddy and wet weather.

Adjustable Pin Screws

The PD-low-profile GR500’s cast alloy body provides a sturdy and long-lasting foundation. The height-adjustable pins can be screwed in through the back of the pedal, shielding the heads from any rocks that might be kicked up.

Multi-Purpose Flat Pedal

The Shimano PD-GR500 flat pedal with multiple uses is made for flat-soled shoes and everything from commuting to e-MTB bicycling.

Sealed Cartridge Bearing

For low-maintenance and long-lasting performance, sealed cartridge bearings with Chromoly axles keep dirt and moisture out.

Pros and Cons

For a flat pedal with high quality, its price is one of its biggest advantages. You can be assured of your safety with its good pin traction. It is also quite durable because it is made from chromium steel. Just like other pedals, they are not perfect. Tolerances of cup and cone bearing are not as good as the others.

Why You Should Buy This

They did well considering their weight and expense and the grip their pins produced. For its price, it is one of the many pedals that are worth buying.

5. BW USA Rock Garden Flat Pedal

BW USA Rock Garden Flat Pedal - SPD Compatible Clipless MTB Bike Pedals

These pedals are ideal for tearing up the most challenging singletrack thanks to their lightweight, and robust CNC machined 6061 aluminum body and sturdy Chromalloy axles. Sealing bearings increase the durability of the pedal and ensure that no dirt or dust gets into the moving parts.

SPD Compatible Cleats

The cleats on the shoe’s bottom link your shoes to the pedals for a safer and comfortable ride. BW USA flat pedal has a dual-sided SPD-compatible binding system.

Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings help to provide long-lasting, smooth rolling pedals by keeping the weather out. It keeps the elements away from the pedal, providing a smooth ride.

Lightweight Construction

It was built with a lightweight, strong 6061 aluminum body that has undergone CNC machining. This makes the road bike durable and withstands harsh weather.

Available in 7 Colors

BW USA is available in 7 different colors. You can choose the one that will complement your bike’s design and color.

Pros and Cons

The BW USA flat pedal is durable and lightweight. You can wear any type of shoes while riding the bike. It is SPD-compatible with cleats that prevent slippage. Available in seven colors to match your bike. For rough and technical climbs, this pedal is not recommended.

Why Should You Buy This

It is worth your money because it is more durable than others. The SPD-compatible system is also impressive and makes it an excellent pedal to buy.

6. ELTIN Mountain Bike Pedals

ELTIN Mountain Bike Pedals (Pair) - Bicycle Pedal Flat Lightweight Platform for Road, Mountain BMX MTB, e-Bike | Aluminum Material and Sealed Bearing | Size...

Eltin has been in the market for 20 years, providing the best bike accessories. The company’s primary goal is to become the benchmark brand for functional and accessible cycling solutions for all bikers.

Tempered Axle and Sealed Cartridge Bearings

The strengthened and tempered axle and pedal body from ELTIN and sealed cartridge bearings ensure long-lasting durability even in the most demanding environments.

Anti-Skid Feature

Avoid slipping while you are cycling. For effective pedaling, the surface has anti-skid nails. When it’s rainy, these bike pedals keep your feet in place and offer extra security.

Made of Carbon Composite with Anti-Skid Ball Bearings

Since the pedal is composed of carbon composite, it can withstand high temperatures, resist corrosion, and keep flat pedals spinning quietly and smoothly. It also includes a system of 16 aluminum anti-skid ball bearings for improved grip.

Fits Any Type of Bikes

It can fit any type of bikes, such as E-bikes, BMXs, MTBs, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes of any kind. With a sign that reads L for Left Pedal and R for Right Pedal, installation is simple on both sides.

Pros and Cons

A plain bronze or brass nut held the axel bearing in place at the end instead of a steel locknut. Assembling the pedal is easy. It resists corrosion because it is made of carbon composite. The anti-skid system keeps your feet on the pedal.

Why Should You Buy This

Eltin Mountain Bike is one of the most versatile bikes today. You can use it not only in the mountain or rugged terrain but also on the main road.

What to Look for When Buying the Flat Pedals?

flat pedals

The following are some factors to consider while purchasing flat pedals for your road bike:


We have two options for the pedal: metal or plastic. Both materials have a good deal of durability, but metal does have a little advantage. Plastic will probably make the pedal lighter, but not always. Plastic won’t rust, but the majority of medal pedals currently on the market contain rust-resistant alloys.

Types of Pins

Pins are the little objects that keep your shoe in place on the pedal. Some pins are made of metal, while others have ridges molded from plastic or high-friction materials. Even some can be changed. It depends on the kind of shoes you wear and the weather you ride in the most.

Pedal Size

You should choose a larger flat pedal if you plan to ride your bike on smoother surfaces and on roads. You are more stable on your bike when you have more foot-to-pedal contact.

The only drawback is that you can experience more pedal strikes. Your pedal striking the ground is known as a pedal strike. This could be anything from a slight irritation to having to flip over the handlebars!

Road cyclists frequently use a smaller flat pedal. There is, of course, a drawback to this as well. Finding that shoe-to-pedal sweet spot is difficult with a smaller flat pedal. The choice ultimately comes down to taste.


Depending on your pick, the weight of your new flat pedal may or may not matter. A couple of additional pounds won’t matter if you’re riding a heftier bike. If you are concerned about weight and have an expensive, lighter bike, look for a lighter pedal.

Search for a pedal that weighs no more than 11 ounces. Over 14-ounce pedals are heavier.


If there is a traffic obstruction, the thickness of your pedal will affect how often it will contact the pavement. This can occasionally result in an accident, but it can be bothersome.

Below 0.6 inches would be a narrow pedal. If the thickness is greater than 0.6 inches, the pedal will likely crash to the ground.


It’s crucial to be visible in the dark, whether before dawn or after dusk. You can follow a lot of rules to keep yourself safe while biking at night.

On the pedals, look for reflectors. Some pedals have rechargeable lights integrated straight into the pedal itself.

How Do I Choose Flat Pedals for My Road Bike?

If you want more efficiency and control, opt for clipless pedals. Power is transferred via your shoes to the pedals when you lift and push down. If you need to remove your feet from the pedals rapidly or desire comfort when walking in shoes without cleats, choose flat pedals.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Pedal?

You can use a set of digital calipers to measure the thread’s width to determine the size of your bike pedals. Alternatively, you could get clarification on the required pedal thread size from the crank manufacturer or by taking your bike to a nearby bicycle repair shop.

How Do You Ride with Flat Pedals?

  • Your choice of a flat pedal is essential first. We advise you to choose a thin model with an open platform, wide enough to fit your foot, and offers alternatives for where the pins should be placed.
  • Pin placement is up to individual taste, but we suggest at least one in each corner and skipping the front center pin to protect your shins.
  • Your foot can be moved to help with balance and grip because it isn’t firmly attached to the pedal. You might find it helpful to pivot your foot in the direction of travel when cornering or riding off-camber areas to assist in balancing your weight on the bike and increase grip.
  • SPD-style pedals keep your foot glued to the pedal when riding rougher portions, but with the appropriate technique, you can use flat pedals.
  • Clipping in can be a nuisance when the trail gets tight; if you’re approaching a steep descent and deciding whether to unclip, you’re asking for trouble.
  • Letting the back end wander and dangling a foot off makes you feel heroic.

Benefits Of Using Flat Pedals

  • Flat pedals are safer than clipless pedals for beginners. Foot clips can make new riders unstable and increase the danger of falling.
  • The mounting method is simpler to use and is on both sides.
  • They are suitable for recreational and commuting bikers because they are simple to enter.
  • They go nicely with everyday attire and offer a more relaxed appearance.
  • Suitable for those who are new to road riding.
  • Large and effective tread grip for off-road surfaces.


After reviewing the six flat pedals for road bikes, our overall best choice is the SHIMANO PD-M9100 Flat Bike Pedal. The pedals’ quality is impressive, and its other features the power transfer and wide bearings.

Our premium pick is the Look Cycle Flat Pedals because of its impressive trail grip, Vibram Activ grip, and replaceable colored pads. And if you want the best value for your money, GEO Trekking Bike Pedals by Look Cycle is your best option.

Even BMX and MTB riders joyfully welcomed the growing range of flat pedal shapes, sizes, and pin counts—fixed, replaceable, and adjustable—that were gradually put into the market, and flat pedal design took off. If you want to share your thoughts about flat pedals, feel free to tell us by commenting below.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Are flat pedals better for knees?

Yes, With flat pedals, you can make minor foot modifications to prevent activating your joint in the same way repeatedly.

Why do you need flat pedals on a road bike?

There are no regulations prohibiting using flat pedals on road bikes; some individuals even prefer it to prevent the ungainly waddle when moving around. In other situations, such as cycle touring, they are more practical when you get on and off the bike more frequently than usual.

Are flat pedals safer than clipless?

Since it is quicker and easier to step off a flat pedal than to unclip from clipless pedals—even for experienced riders—flat pedals are generally safer for descents and tricky terrain. Riders can assist in preventing bicycle accidents by using flat pedals.

Can I use MTB flat pedals on a road bike?

Adult-specific road and mountain bike pedals share the same pedal thread. As a result, switching pedals between bikes is simple.
Using mountain bike pedals on a road bike is perfectly acceptable. Some people do so on purpose to take advantage of MTB pedals and shoes.
But if you’re a real road racer, road-specific pedals are said to be best.

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